DECEMBER 3, 2021

7:00 PM - 10:00 PM



Presenting the Meta Masquerade:

Art Basel is bringing together the best NFT artists in the world.

The energy is going to be electric. This is an opportunity for you to deeply connect with the top minds within crypto x art — all in one place.

However, we know that many NFT founders want to stay anonymous. And so we’re playing into the theme, and making this a masked party. This isn’t going to be your typical Venetian masquerade though – we’re going all in. And we’re using the squid game masks.

The theme of the night is secrets. You’ll hear about secret NFT drops, get access to private sales, and hear people talk about the next big thing before they launch it.

And – to encourage people to get to know as many people as they can during the party – we’re going to include a little game. There will be a few people planted in the crowd with burneable passwords that they can choose to give people. If you talk to enough people – and if you share juicy enough information – you might come across one of these planted people, who will give you a password with which you can unlock access to the VIP room, where – not only the top shelf liquor will be – but where each guest will be airdropped limited edition NFTs. 

We’re going to kick off Art Basel in style — Miami Tech style. Fully open bar included.

See you there.